Stereo Terror is a professional DJ duo that remixes disco and metal, with a burning passion for music and showmanship. Let it be a smaller or bigger club, a festival or even your living room, these guys know how to make The Party happen. Usually you can hear people describing their shows as energetic, passionate and crazy. 

Stereo Terror was founded in 2016 in Finland by two close friends sharing the passion and taste for showmanship in music. They live and breathe it. Both of 'em had a history in the show industry for years, growing bored with the same old standing in the DJ booth night after night. They planned and practiced their show for nearly a year and had their premiere night at club Bäkkäri in Helsinki at New Year's Eve party, which sold out immediately. 
From there on out they have built a name for themselves, constantly gigging whenever possible. Stereo Terror is well known all around Finland and their shows are a hit, night after night.

Still, the journey has only begun.